Entry fee: $300.00 per person, which includes 2 bag lunches and 1 catered lunch on all 3 days of the competition and dinner at the awards banquet/closing ceremonies.

LIST OF REGISTERED TEAMS (maximum of 12 teams)

1 - Team Cormorant (2016 WFFC - Canadian National Fly Fishing Team):
Todd Oishi, British Columbia - Captain
Rob Stroud, British Columbia
Chris Puchniak, British Columbia
John Nishi, Alberta
Mike Oishi, British Columbia

2 - Team Freestone (U.S. Fly Fishing Team):
Sean Crocker, Pennsylvania - Captain
Loren Williams, New York
Steve Good, Pennsylvania
Andy Koons, Pennsylvania
Ken Crane, New York

3 - Soldier Palmers (British Army Fly Fishing Team):
Ben Worley, England - Captain
Adam Sinclair, England
Dave Norbury, England
Jamie Nairn, Scotland
Simon Culver, England

4 - Team USA (U.S. National Fly Fishing Team):
Dzifa Glymin, Colorado - Captain
Jeremy Sides, Colorado
Michael Bradley, North Carolina
Cam Chioffi, Colorado
Chris Smith, South Carolina

5 - Team USA Youth:
 Kalvin Kaloz, Pennsylvania - Captain
 Holden Price, Pennsylvania
 Ben Broscius, Pennsylvania
 Brennan Lund, British Columbia
 Joey Patee, Oregon

 6 - Team Cutthroat (U.S. TEAM)
 Edward Mulhern, Colorado - Captain
 Jack Arnot, Colorado
 Ricky Ozmar, Georgia
 Will McDonough, Colorado
 Chris Eussen, Colorado
 Andy Szofran, Montana

 7 - Team Motley Crew
 Peter Huyghebaert, British Columbia - Captain
 Stanton Jack, British Columbia
 Paul Davidson, British Columbia
 Istvan Kereszturi, British Columbia
 John Veenstra, Manitoba

 8 - Team Kingfisher White:
 Kevin Cucheron, Alberta - Captain
 John Wilkinson, British Columbia
 Mike Learmonth, British Columbia
 Madoka Myers, Colorado
 John Kent, Alberta

 9 - Team Kingfisher Blue:
 Brian Danilkiewicz, British Columbia - Captain
 Colette Stroud, British Columbia
 Marty Payne, British Columbia
 Bobby Danilkiewicz, British Columbia
 Gerald Wolfe, British Columbia

 10 - Team Trout Bums:
 Claude Cipelletti, British Columbia - Captain
 Jason Doucette, Alberta
 Peter Morrison, British Columbia
 Justin Hardy, Alberta
 Richard Wilby, British Columbia

Please contact Todd Oishi for more information or to submit an application for yourself or your team:
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